Product Design Office Hours

Where: Society of Work, Chattanooga TN (1100 Market St, Floor 6

When: T.B.D.

What: Stop by for free design advice and feedback. Monthly-ish office hours with myself and a guest designer. We'll open the doors to anyone in town that needs design help with an application or website. Think of it as a show and tell and we'll all work together to discover and/or solve for pain points. This can be anything from general design feedback/advice, to sketching UX flows, to brainstorming UI treatments, to helping define an MVP, to simply just stopping by to meet designers in town.

Afterwards, you're invited to continue the momentum at Carbon Five Hack Nights (in the same building) where you can get additional technical advice or just use the time to work on newfound product improvements.

Who: Jordan Isip (freelance product designer) and this month's guest designer, T.B.D.

Why: The primary reason for this is to help encourage design thinking within the community. I've had over 10 years of experience designing and building products and would like to serve as an additional resource to the various programs and startups within Chattanooga. The secondary reason is to serve as a practice ground for myself and other designers in town. Each month I'll invite other product people in town to collaborate, and effectively practice, solving real world design problems together.


Questions? E-mail: