How to Backup Your Inboard Collection with Dropbox / by Jordan Isip

Screenshot of Inboard App

Screenshot of Inboard App

Over the past few days I've been diving into Inboard app to manage random inspiration photos and screenshots I've run across. Overall, the app works exactly as I expect (similar to managing a Lightroom collection) and I've been absolutely loving it. 

The only issue I've found so far is that you can't easily backup your collection to the cloud. Apparently it's on their roadmap though. But until cloud backup is officially supported, you can use a symlink to backup your collection to Dropbox. A symlink is just a special type of system file that references another file or directory (in this case the Invision collection).

If you look under the hood, Inboard stores your collection data in:

 /Users/[your user name]/Library/Group\ Containers/

What we want to do is setup a symlink reference in your Dropbox folder that points to this Inboard collection in such a way that Dropbox thinks that the files are located inside within your Dropbox folder. We can do that by simply using Terminal to create the symlink:

$ ln -s /Users/[your user name]/Library/Group\ Containers/ ~/Dropbox/

Once your symlink is added, you should see the symlink pointer in your Dropbox:

Clicking on that folder will bring you to the original folder, but if you go to your folder on, you can see the files are being properly backed up:

While you won't have full access to all Dropbox functionality (like share links on right-click pull out menu), you at least get peace-of-mind that your collection won't be lost if your hard-drive crashes.