SEO Landing Pages on Taco / by Jordan Isip


Taco is a side project I work on with Troy Davis that started as a solution to our own problems and later developed into a successful Kickstarter project. We are now in the final phases of our public release (sneak peak) and, in the midst of launching, we wanted to put in some thought for SEO marketing for some of that good ol' fashion search engine traffic.

Taco is a productivity tool that aggregates tasks across multiple services, 'from Asana to Zendesk', to help people stay focused. But since everyone have different needs and different workflows, this means we need to support lots of different services (we're up to over 30) and was the entire reason behind our Kickstarter campaign. However, as we scale up our number of services, it quickly becomes more difficult to target search engine traffic on our main marketing pages since page titles, imagery, illustrations, etc. become less focused on individual services. A quick look at Google Keyword Planner/Analysis tool reveal that people aren't searching for "aggregating task services on a single screen" (obviously), they are searching for a direct solution to their problem (again, obviously). Something like "Manage Basecamp with Asana" or "GitHub Issues and Trello Cards". Our attempt to help solve for this was pretty much SEO 101 (maybe 102?) - creating separate landing pages. We did this by reusing modules from our new front page (sneak peak) to create dynamically generated landing pages that targeted this search use case.  By passing in a combination of services in the URL (eg. it would result in examples shown and linked to above.  By creating this template, dumping our supported services list + associated example tasks for each service, and adding each link to a sitemap.xml, this produced over a couple hundred different landing pages for each possible service combination.

Implementation note: we also set up URLs so that service slugs only work when they are alphabetical to enforce canonical URLs, meaning /github-issues-and-trello-cards work while /trello-cards-and-github-issues won't.

We'll know more soon about how effective these landing pages are for us as we continue experimenting with this and similar variants the very near future.

More examples:

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