Jordan Isip is a seasoned product designer and front-end developer with significant experience helping grow and develop engaging user experiences at early-stage companies. 

At Tippr, a VC funded white-label group buying e-commerce platform (think Groupon software for existing publishers), Jordan led product design & development for the initial revenue generating prototype, was the first product team hire, and continued to help the company grow to over 120 employees. Specializing as the lead UX designer as the company grew, he helped shape the product to support top-tier publishers including BusinessInsider, FOX, Univision, and NBC. Tippr was later acquired by nCrowd in June 2013. 

More recently, for over three years, Jordan was the UX lead at Tanga, a multi-site e-commerce platform with millions of customers and over 20 thousand orders per day. At Tanga, he led a complete redesign of their flagship desktop and mobile applications as well as end-to-end UX design and A/B testing for both customer facing and administrative facing projects which contributed to a ~250% revenue growth as well as more than quadrupling company size and helping make Tanga one of the fastest growing companies in Arizona. While working for Tanga, Jordan worked remotely from NYC as an entrepreneur in residence at branding agency, Plaid Creative.

Currently, Jordan is taking on freelance projects while working on Taco - a productivity tool he co-founded and was a successful Kickstarter project. Jordan is currently taking advantage of gigabit internet while living in Chattanooga, TN and is a member of the Society of Work co-working space. 

Jordan was born in Michigan, raised in Seattle and graduated with a bachelors degree in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Washington. Jordan is also an Eagle Scout, a Delta Upsilon Fraternity alumni, a black belt in Shito-Ryu karate, and an avid photographer.